Colas Digital Solutions has various missions. One of them is to accelerate the digital transformation of the Colas group by integrating digital technology into its businesses.

To achieve this, it is essential to promote the digital solutions and innovative applications developed by Colas Digital Solutions and other partners at local, regional and global levels to Colas group employees. The aim is to help them discover these solutions and to encourage them to adopt them in their own jobs, in the belief that the men and women of Colas, whatever their job, have the same desires and needs…

The solution was found in March 2022 with Colas Store, a web showcase launched by Colas Digital Solutions. In a single place, Group employees can discover the digital offering that we have partly developed, understand its uses thanks to testimonials from the field, get in touch with the person in charge of the applications and access their use.

With this platform, we hope to promote and advance the digitalization of the Group in all territories and in all business lines.

On the eve of its first anniversary, the platform has succeeded in doubling the number of existing applications and now includes 33 applications that facilitate all of the Group’s businesses.

A few examples of applications created by our teams:

InfraCare, a solution based on computer vision and machine learning technologies to automatically inspect roads based on videos.
– CPS, a tool for monitoring periodic regulatory or internal inspections at our various sites and production units.
RPA, a service for automating redundant tasks and processes to make employees’ lives easier.

To celebrate its first year, discover the Colas Store promotional video: