Jean-Michel MAILLET: Low-code Factory Officer

Jean-Michel MAILLET is Digital officer and Low-code Factory Officer within the Digital and Data Department. His particularity is to have left the company once and to have come back. He explains it in details in his video presentation! His missions revolve around IOT (Internet Of Things) and data capture. For him, blossoming in a company is based on the challenges, the content of the job but also on everything around: the atmosphere, the relationship with his colleagues, and the autonomy.

In this interview, he talks about his atypical career path and the reasons that led him to come back to work for Colas Digital Solutions.

“After eight years, I decided to renew myself and discover another company. In the end, I came back to CDS because I feel good there.”
Jean-Michel MAILLET, Low-code Factory Officer.

In collaboration with Welcome To The Jungle, we invite you to read his interview.

Interview content

“Hi, my name is Jean-Michel and I am a Digital Officer in the Digital and Data department of Colas Digital Solutions. I started my career at a software company for three years where I was a developer. Then I joined Colas Digital Solutions for eight years. After eight years, I decided to renew myself and discover another company. Finally I came back to CDS because I feel good there.

So I joined the Digital and Data department to work on IOT (internet of things) and data capture, which are key issues for the Colas Group. Currently, my job has several hats. Firstly, I have to deliver applications that meet the needs of the Colas Group’s business. Secondly, I have to be able to optimize the teams in their delivery and their ability to produce in order to optimize the time to market of our products. In other words, the solutions must arrive as quickly as possible on our users’ tablets or PCs.

Lastly, the most important point in my opinion is to keep an eye on the technology. Indeed, it is necessary to remain up to date on the technologies to be able to always find the solutions the most in adequacy with our needs and those of our users. In my daily life I like to work with and for people from different professions and backgrounds.

The last point I wanted to talk about is why I came back to Colas Digital Solutions. It’s because in our job what’s important is the mission of course, but also the atmosphere we have with our colleagues and the autonomy we are granted in our missions.

So if you’re interested: see you soon at Colas Digital Solutions.”

Jean-Michel MAILLET

Low-code Factory Officer

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