As part of the Colas Group, Colas Digital Solutions is committed to the Group’s ambitious projects.

As part of the Colas Group, Colas Digital Solutions is committed to the Group’s ambitious projects.

Social cohesion, climate change, preservation of resources and biodiversity, improving the quality of life… these are the expectations and motivations of stakeholders, led by the employees of the Colas Group. These expectations and motivations are very strong, and Colas is responding to them thanks to its people-centered culture, combined with its values of respect, courage and sharing, as well as the proximity of its sites to the regions and its capacity for innovation.

In 2021, Frédéric Gardès, the Group’s CEO, launched ACT – Act & Commit Together, the Colas Group’s CSR initiative, which uses participatory platforms to analyze materiality and give voice to its internal and external stakeholders in France and abroad. This analysis enabled Colas to define its eight CSR commitments, which are at the heart of the ACT (Act & Commit Together) project.

Today, ACT allows us to better coordinate, share and communicate these actions in a concrete and transparent way, with objectives and indicators to measure progress. Colas Digital Solutions is committed to the ACT program and has entrusted Céline GOLA and Tatiana LEGAKIS with the development of an action plan to reduce the Group’s IT carbon footprint. It is based on the implementation of awareness-raising actions to understand, support and inform all employees of the Colas Group.

Specifically, Colas Digital Solutions:

– provides a digital sobriety module to raise awareness of the carbon footprint generated by IT and to learn about simple and easily achievable eco gestures in the professional and personal environment.

– organizes collective training sessions as part of the Digital Sessions, one-hour team meetings to train employees on various topics.

– has developed an application to challenge employees to become more aware of the carbon impact of their lifestyles. A points system encourages employees to change their habits by replacing them with eco-actions in a collective dynamic.

– created the IT Eco-Action Charter to share best practices

– organizes local and national Climate and Digital fresks

Colas Digital Solutions believes that awareness is the beginning of change and that together we can change our habits.