Julien DOUILLARD : cybersecurity governance officer

Julien DOUILLARD joined CDS in 2020 as cybersecurity governance officer. His arrival at CDS has enabled the acceleration of cybersecurity projects and the maturity of information system protection in conjunction with the IT security manager.

In this interview, he talks about his arrival at Colas Digital Solutions as well as the responsibilities he is given on a daily basis.

“I chose Colas Digital Solutions and I encourage you to apply if you too want to join an innovative company that challenges you”.
Julien DOUILLARD, cybersecurity governance officer.

In collaboration with Welcome To The Jungle, we invite you to watch his interview.

Interview content

“Hello to you who chose my profile to discover Colas Digital Solutions! My name is Julien DOUILLARD, I’m in charge of cybersecurity governance and I’m the new of the crew!

My job is to define and control cybersecurity rules, coordinate cybersecurity actions within the Colas Group and raise employee awareness.

I chose Colas Digital Solutions and I encourage you to apply. If you too want to join an innovative company that challenges you, to be involved in large-scale projects and to become a key part of the company!

I was welcomed in the context of the health crisis but little by little I got to know my new colleagues and I could count on their kindness.

I was able to meet some nice people, with colleagues who have a lot of experience, who are in the process of passing on their knowledge and who taught me a lot about cybersecurity. Both technically and in terms of knowledge of the company’s processes. Thanks to this, my integration was greatly facilitated. I appreciate the availability of my contacts and the simplicity of communication with my colleagues. Daily, the atmosphere in my work environment is warm.

Cybersecurity is a major challenge for Colas which, like many large companies, must deal with numerous threats in an increasingly complex environment.

Thank you and see you soon at Colas Digital Solutions!”

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